1080p Vs 4K Security Camera

CCTV security camera for home security & surveillance.

Most businesses, landlords, house owners, and enterprises rely on high-performance surveillance systems. This is to protect themselves and their properties against vandalism. You need to pay attention to several features when choosing between a 1080p and a 4K security camera.

But that depends on your security needs and your financial budget. We’ll provide you with a comparison of 1080p and 4K surveillance systems to help you decide which one can best cater to your surveillance needs.

1080p Security Camera

1080p cameras are considered the most commonly used monitoring system. They offer great features and good quality resolution for their price. 1080p security cameras produce a high-definition image resolution of 1920×1080 while providing up to 5x improved camera resolution using a 16:9 ratio compared to a standard analog video camera, which is 4:3.

A 1080p security camera offers a clear image resolution with adequate details to monitor houses, backyards, garages, construction areas, agricultural lands, water transports, and others. You can set one of these systems up anywhere and it will record everything for you. Even if you want to monitor the kids playing, if you have a large property this will do the job.

When to select a 1080p surveillance system?

  • You require an HD video surveillance system for general everyday use.
  • Your budget is not enough to spend on an ultra-HD 4K surveillance system.
  • Your security needs can be achieved by using a 1080p surveillance system.

Benefits of Both the 4K and 1080P Security Cameras

Both security set-ups offer the same benefits regarding security, monitoring, and defending your home or business.

Storage and Streaming of Camera Images

The higher the resolution, the more details you can capture, but the memory requirements also increase. Approximately 675 megabytes (MB) are needed for a one-hour recording at 1080p.

Enough storage will ensure you won’t lose anything while away. As a regular vacationer, you will require enough storage space on your memory card to record a week’s worth of footage. Depending on your set-up, you can record footage that goes over previous footage if you have already looked over it.


During one week of continuous recording, 113 GB of space is consumed by a 1080p camera. In addition to motion sensors, modern cameras feature video analytics. As these sensors only activate when they detect movement, the battery life, memory, and storage increase.

Since cloud storage is becoming more common, you may not need a memory card for some video systems. Mobile devices can access real-time video monitoring footage remotely. With various plans and prices, you can store up to one month’s worth of data with subscription-based cloud storage.

The Level of Information and Identification

You should consider the purpose of a security camera before selecting one, such as identifying and recognizing intruders.

For a viewer to recognize someone in a video, the image must be at least 20 pixels. As a result of the lighting conditions, an image containing 40 to 80 pixels is necessary for proper identification.

Finding Proximity & Resolving Images

High-resolution cameras have more pixels, making them more effective at identifying and recognizing objects from a distance. Using 1080p footage is an effective method of identifying objects from a distance and on a larger scale. The 4K, however, will get you better image perfection and detail.

Scenarios based on actual events further complicate things, raising the question: Can we trust the camera if the intruder is not directly looking at it? When their face is not obvious, but they have a unique, distinctive characteristic, can you see them? No single camera system can generally capture all scenes, but high-resolution security cameras are more likely to capture important information. 

Defend Against Crime

You can prevent burglaries and trespassing by installing security cameras. Approximately 85% of all crimes committed by Americans in 2019 were property crimes, approximately 7 million of which were reported. As a result of a consistent pattern, the number has consistently fallen in previous years and continues to decrease. 

Despite various factors contributing to this pattern, installing security cameras has resulted in decreased property crimes. Outdoor security cameras have proven to reduce the likelihood of crime. According to studies conducted by UNC, property crime was reduced by at least half. Surveillance has an extensive effect on businesses and homes due to such evidence.

You Can Make the Right Decisions

Security camera footage can help you resolve disputes fairly and appropriately, whether in a personal or business context. You can use your camera to resolve a dispute between your family, neighbors, coworkers, customers, and employees. Your camera can help clear up any doubts.

You can easily address false, unfair, or fraudulent claims from customers and other institutions by using security cameras.

Maintain Records

Keeping a record of what is happening in or around a business can be achieved using security cameras. As well as applying to homes, CCTV allows you to observe how events unfold at your business, the course of accidents, and to use the information for future planning. Businesses can use cameras to monitor traffic, for example, by controlling access to security barriers and by homeowners to keep track of visitors. 

Keep Track of Situations and Events

As soon as you leave your home or place of business, fear may arise. Particularly if you are a parent, you might worry about your kids’ behavior with the babysitter or your family’s health. Security cameras, especially indoor ones, allow parents to check on their children frequently, giving them peace of mind. If you have an elderly parent, you can monitor them to ensure they are safe. 

Additionally, suppose you own a larger block of land; it’s much easier to secure the perimeter of a property, whether it’s single or multiple pieces. A camera can send phone alerts when certain parameters are detected that indicate something is unusual.

Similarly, those with security cameras have the opportunity to monitor their business operations regularly. Working from offsite allows business owners and managers to be away for various reasons while regular employees can take care of tasks onsite. In addition, managing parties can monitor stock, so you know when stock is getting low.

Productivity Increased by Staff

Employees tend not to be lazy, arrive late for work, or engage in dishonest behavior when they are aware that they are being observed. Keeping your employees in check and making sure they are aware of their behavior is made easier with CCTV. As a business owner, you are relieved of the pressure of establishing the truth of suspicion. Your footage will assist you in taking appropriate disciplinary measures.

4K Security Camera

4K ultra-HD surveillance systems have better image and video resolution, color, and performance than 1080p security cameras. Offering camera resolution up to 4x higher than standard 1080p security cameras, these cameras have a resolution of 3840×2160 with at least 8 megapixels. However, one common thing between 1080p and 4K security cameras is that they both use 16:9 footage ratios.

Many business and property owners are switching to 4K security cameras to upgrade their surveillance systems. They are designed to monitor parking areas, outdoor offices, front yards, commercial lots, warehouses, and small to mid-sized businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, and shops.

When to select a 4K surveillance system?

Woman with tablet computer looking at the images of cctv cameras installed in apartment
  • Only a high-end camera resolution can be your surveillance solution.
  • You require maximum coverage using only one security camera.
  • You can afford to buy a modern video surveillance system.
  • Your existing surveillance system can no longer meet your security needs and requires an upgrade.

Factors to Consider

Camera Resolution – A top feature of a surveillance system, among others, is its camera resolution. The latest security cameras boast standard HD 1080p image and video quality, whereas 4K security cameras are mainly preferred by those who demand exclusive video clarity.

Night Vision LED lights – Security cameras that provide high-end image resolution during the day and at night are more popular among users than those that only offer good performance during daylight hours. So you should look for security cameras that have built-in infrared LED lights to enhance night vision even in pitch-black darkness. Be it a 1080p or 4K security camera, it should have a night vision capability of a minimum of 100ft at night.

Water-resistant and damage-proof Construction – Whether you are buying a 1080p security camera or a 4K security camera, make sure that you invest your money in something sure to last. The security camera should be designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and be resistant to vandalism with its heavy-duty construction. This is especially important in case your surveillance system is located outdoors so that despite any attempt of damage, it stays powerful enough to protect you.

Wide-Angle Lens – All modern security camera models have a wide-angle lens that allows you to observe a more expansive space through a single camera lens without spending more on multiple cameras. Your surveillance system should cover a large observation area for maximum security. One 4K security camera featuring the PTZ function can provide such a high coverage that can otherwise be obtained using multiple 1080p security cameras.

Security Camera Tech Support – Even if you have a high-grade security camera powered with all the latest features, it will be of no use if you don’t know how to access them. You might get stuck anytime and require help from professionals. Many companies that are direct suppliers of security cameras have hired reliable support teams to provide their customers guidance with the operation of the surveillance systems.

Other Features – Security cameras are equipped with many features like remote viewing setup, digital zooming for more details, a two-way sound system, motion tracking, and so on. When deciding whether to opt for a 1080p or 4K security camera, make sure that you investigate their features in detail and go for the one with the best features to meet your security needs. Also, don’t forget to check out their compatibility if they are to be installed in an existing surveillance system.

Would It Be Worth It to Invest in 4K?

Cost and other factors play a role in determining whether the higher resolution is better. Regarding numbers, regardless of budget, 4K captures more data and information than 1080p. 

It is obvious that higher image quality equates to higher security, yet any level of security is preferable to none. For those with limited budgets, 1080p will suffice and 4K may be an option if the budget permits. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, which one you choose will come down to your needs and your budget. If you are working with a tighter budget, a 1080p camera will work just fine. If you have more money or need very crisp, clear imaging, then the 4K option is the way to go. Ensure you read the features of the cameras to ensure you are buying a security camera that will work perfectly for what you want it for.


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