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Your home can be secured in a variety of ways. One of them is by using a smart lock, which enables you to enter your home without a traditional key and, more importantly, guards against unauthorized access.

There are two types of smart locks: adapted smart locks, which use the existing lock and supplement it with smart technology, and native smart locks, which must be completely installed as new locks. Smart locks, as opposed to conventional locks, are equipped with smart technology and a smart hub that enhances flexibility and ease of control over the smart lock and other connected home devices. The smart lock can be accessed and controlled with devices and voice commands from Alexa. 

Now that we have established that a smart lock is a valuable addition to your home, we are going to talk about some smart lock products you can implement in your living environment.

Smart Lock Reviews

1. Wyze Smart Lock

Look no further than the Wyze Smart Lock if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced smart lock that can be installed on your existing lock. Wyze offers you everything you need to secure your home effectively and gives you value for your money with its simple installation and app. 


This smart lock is one of the best options if you want an affordable device with all the basic features required to secure your home. Thanks to its simple installation, it only takes a few minutes to set it up. Pairing with your phone is simple; depending on the distance from the lock, the Wyze Lock uses both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The Wyze lock has a built-in hub – the Wyze Gateway Hub – at no additional cost, unlike other smart locks. You can control the Wyze Lock and other Wyze devices you might want to install once you are connected to the hub. The device works hand-in-hand with a sensor, so you know what position your door is in and there is a real-time record of who unlocked or closed the door on the Wyze app, even though it doesn’t let you assign times for users to have access.

Wyze also permits remote access and code-sharing via the app. Access codes can only be shared via email, and anyone wishing to use one must first register on the Wyze app. The Wyze Lock has an auto-lock feature that, if you forget, locks your door after a predetermined amount of time. The Wyze locks run on standard AA batteries, as does the Wyze keypad accessory. 

However, the Wyze Lock’s ANSI grade of 3 – the lowest for a smart lock – is not impressive. Despite this and given its price, it is still a reliable lock; it is not entirely unsafe. Additionally, the Wyze Lock is incompatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and other popular hubs, which makes it less appealing if you already own those hubs.

With all the features taken into account, the Wyze Lock is a cheap and effective option for people who don’t want to splurge on a smart lock but still want to secure their home.


  • Great value for money
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Comes with a hub
  • Uses a built-in sensor to detect the door position
  • Remote control via the Wyse app
  • Compatible with Alexa


  • Limited hub compatibility
  • Low ANSI grade
  • No Google Home integration

2. Kwikset Halo WiFi Smart Lock

When purchasing a smart lock, it’s advantageous if it offers multiple simple ways to lock and unlock your house. One of these smart locks is the Kwikset Halo. No matter where you are or how close or far your home is, you can access it using the app, commands for Alexa or Google Assistant, and access codes. 


The Kwikset Halo comes in various colors and is a stylish lock with a touchpad, a physical key, and built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality. It comes in Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Matte Black finishes. Due to the variety, the homeowner can select a finish that perfectly complements their door.

It is intended for doors with a thickness of 1.5 to 2 inches because it is fully installed. The Halo comes with two keys, AA batteries, and mounting hardware. It has a touch screen and a keyhole to accommodate the extra keys. The touch screen is equipped with SecureScreen technology by Kwikset to prevent intruders from decoding the code through residue left on the touch screen. Before entering the four-digit code, you must enter a randomly generated two-digit number. There is also a failsafe that turns the screen off automatically and alerts the homeowner if the incorrect codes are entered repeatedly.

In contrast to other smart locks that require a smart hub, this lock can be accessed and controlled from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. All you require is a Wi-Fi router and your phone. The Kwikset app gives you total control over your home’s security. It offers a report and notifications on door activity, enables you to manage access codes, and initiates locks and unlocks from any location. You can also create up to 250 codes and set a schedule of usage for each.

Halo is a full lock installation and takes longer than the Wyze Lock and the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. To install the Halo, remove the current lock and follow the instructions. When installed, the smart lock is incredibly strong and resilient, with reinforced components that can withstand fire, saws, drills, and picks.

One drawback of the Halo is that it is a more expensive smart lock and does not support Apple Homekit or devices with IFTTT applets. When used, the touchscreen has a history of acting up.

The Kwikset Halo’s shortcomings don’t take away from the fact that it is a durable and elegant smart lock that offers top-notch security for your home.   


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Utilises voice commands from Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Fairly simple to install
  • Elegant and durable design
  • Different finishes are available


  • Pricey
  • Limited third-party integration
  • Touchpad malfunctioning

3. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro

You might be searching for a smart lock that provides numerous ways to unlock your home. This is what you get when you install the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. Coupled with third-party integrations, it offers versatility and flexibility. 


The ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro is the ideal product for you if you’re looking for a dependable and adaptable smart lock. The entire lock assembly is involved, so the interior and exterior must be changed.

There are various ways to access the U-Bolt Pro. Your door can be locked and unlocked using your voice, your fingerprint, a circular keypad, a mobile device, and a conventional key. The door would be equipped with a fingerprint scanner; you can open it by simply placing your finger in the lock’s center. The backlit number keypad wraps around the scanner and has a circular shape; on this panel, the user can tap the access codes and passwords to gain access.

Its traditional keyhole is concealed from view by its construction and can be opened in case you want to use the physical key. Although it doesn’t support Apple HomeKit or Amazon Key, the Smart Lock can be given commands using Alexa or Google Assistant and supports other third-party devices connected via IFTTT. 

The ability to grant new users specific access to your property via the U-tec app is one of the best features of the U-Bolt Pro. You have control over who enters your home and how often and for how long they stay. Thanks to this advanced functionality, you are always in charge. Your control room is the U-tec app, which provides access to and efficient management of all features. The homeowner updates the firmware automatically, locks and unlocks their door, assigns controlled access codes to different users, receives notifications for every event through the app, and disables all electronic access in favor of a physical key. When enabled, another pretty innovative feature called Magic Shake allows you to open your door by simply shaking your phone in front of the lock. Using your phone’s location services, the Auto-Unlock also enables you to unlock your door automatically; as you get close, the door unlocks.

The U-Bolt Pro has the highest ANSI grade and has built-in Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for a Wi-Fi bridge. With all of its features considered, the U-Bolt Pro is a fantastic addition to your front door.


  • Several locking and unlocking options
  • Consists of a fingerprint reader
  • Offers voice command support
  • Works with a variety of external devices
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Controlled access and scheduling capabilities


  • Lack of support for Apple HomeKit and Amazon Key

4. Eufy Security s330 Video Smart Lock

The Eufy Security S330 Video Smart Lock is among the most costly smart locks but it is worth the price because it includes a 2K video doorbell. This product is appropriate if any of these features meet your needs. It is a flexible smart lock with a wealth of capabilities such as twin motion sensors, sophisticated motion detection, and free local storage for recorded footage.


Everything you require for the S330 Video Smart Lock to function as a replacement lock is included. It comes in a matte black or dark gray finish. It has a fingerprint reader at the top, a 2K camera for recording and monitoring video, infrared lights for night vision, a backlit keypad for entering codes, and a microphone for communication.

Motion detection on the smart lock is improved with a PIR and radar motion sensor. The motion sensor sends push notifications, distinguishes between a person’s and an object’s motion, and stores recorded video to an attached micro SD card. Additionally, a 10000 Mah rechargeable battery is included, typically lasting three months between charges. It communicates locally and online via built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios. Alexa and Google Assistant can control the lock, but not Apple HomeKit or third-party apps that use IFTTT.

The app allows you to record events and watch a live broadcast from the 2K camera. You may converse through the microphone as well. You may enable loitering detection, set the settings for motion detection, and make personalized responses. You receive a push notification on the app if someone stays around your property for a predetermined time. You may set up the app according to your preferences because it has several customization options that increase your convenience.

The Video Smart Lock may be unlocked using your voice, phone, fingerprint, touchpad, or a standard set of keys. With so many alternatives, you, your family, or your visitors will never be locked out.

If you have a flexible budget and are ready to invest in a smart lock, this device is worth considering due to its benefits and extra functionality.


  • Integrated 2K doorbell camera
  • Local video storage
  • Myriad of lock and unlock techniques
  • Smart alerts and notifications
  • Enhanced detection
  • Presence of a fingerprint scanner


  • Expensive
  • Limited integrations

5. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The convenience of having a smart lock integrated with your smart home is enormous. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the best for you if convenience is a top priority. The internal mechanism can be mounted on existing lock hardware. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock features a stylish, sleek package that fits snugly on your door.


The August Smart Lock comes in two colors – matte black and silver – and has a retrofit design that makes installation easy. It can be installed without the replacement of the existing deadbolt. 10 minutes and a screwdriver are all it takes.

The latest August Smart Locks come with embedded Wi-Fi, negating the need for an August Connect module as was the norm with previous versions. It also uses CR123 batteries, unlike the older models’ AA batteries. CR123 batteries have a shorter lifespan than AA batteries, necessitating a change of batteries after three to four months.

Wi-Fi is used for accessing the lock from anywhere in the world, while Bluetooth is employed for proximity cases. The August Smart Lock has high compatibility, one of its optimum strengths. It works with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant to implement voice commands, and it allows routine scheduling and automation via other third-party apps and services. There is also an automatic lock and unlock feature that allows you to set conditions for your door to lock and when it should unlock. 

With its DoorSense sensor, you can know the status of your door down to the smallest details. You know when the door is open, when it is closed, or even when it is closed but unlocked. The lock seamlessly integrates with all smart home automation services and security platforms giving you a well-rounded smart lock experience. 

Through the August mobile app, you have access to real-time information about door events and control over access to your homes. You also get video coverage if you have the August View Doorbell Camera installed. The app has different sections to manage your smart lock. The activities section displays all lock events initiated by the homeowner, guests, and possible intruders. Guest List displays users granted access and allows you to add users to give permanent, recurring, or temporary access based on your preference. 

Although the August Smart Lock is quite expensive and comes with batteries with a short life span, it is a worthy addition to your home and one of the best smart locks on the market. 


  • Utilizes Alexa, Google, HomeKit, IFTTT, and other services
  • Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock
  • Simple to install
  • Modernized and sleek design


  • Expensive 
  • Poor battery life

Final Verdict

We trust that we covered all the necessary aspects while highlighting some of the top smart locks that work with Alexa. Choose the Wyze Lock if you’re looking for something affordable. The Eufy Video Smart Lock is the best option if you want to spend more money on a smart lock with more features. Your home security is assured no matter what decision you make.

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