How to Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription

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The front door acts as the main entry into a house, and a lot happens around it. This is where you welcome invited and uninvited guests. Therefore, having a good security system is important. Ring doorbell video is an effective form of surveillance on the front door area. You can see who is outside your door and even speak while still inside.

This article covers more information about ring doorbell video systems and how you can save surveillance videos without having a subscription plan. So let’s take a look at how to do it.

Advantages of Ring Doorbell Videos

Ring doorbell videos are a worthy investment for your home. The following are some of its advantages:

Provides Evidence

Hidden cameras are one of the best ways to collect valuable evidence if proof of action is required. Ring doorbell videos will show all activities going on outside and save them for future review if needed.

Deters Crime

Ring doorbells are fitted with a two-way talk feature that allows anyone outside to communicate with the other one inside. This means you can scare off intruders before they break into your home. You can also speak to anyone outside when far from your house.

Improves Security

Since an inbuilt camera is fitted on the Ring doorbell, you can monitor anything on the door and prevent a break-in or property theft. After viewing a potential intruder, you should contact the police to check on your house if you are miles away from home. Always save the videos as evidence against the captured intruders.

Increases Property Value

You can sell your property at a higher value after installing a monitoring system. Every homeowner values the security of their property. Therefore many would be willing to pay the extra cost for such a system. This means you will get back the money you used to install the system.

Get Insurance Discounts

You stand to enjoy insurance discounts as many insurers offer discounts on subscriptions to homeowners with security systems. Ring doorbell systems are one of the plans considered for discounts.

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How Are Videos Captured Stored

The Ring doorbell can be connected with the home WiFi to allow notifications of activities to be sent to your mobile devices. It uses a similar technique to that of remote viewing security cameras.

A motion sensor is fitted in front of the doorbell. Once triggered, it starts recording videos then sends them to your mobile devices such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone. The devices will pop with a notification alert. After tapping the notification, you can view the live recording of anything that may have triggered the motion sensor. The two-way feature can also be used remotely for communication.

If a burglar triggers the motion sensor, save the footage on your phone quickly as proof. The video can also be backed up on the cloud depending on the plan you decide to go with.

You do not need an active subscription plan to view videos remotely, but you will need one to save videos easily. It works the same way security cloud services use to back up files. In addition, the system will hold all camera video history on the cloud space for future review.

Are Paid Ring Protect Plans Worth Your Money?

Paid subscriptions are worth every penny for getting the best out of the video Ring doorbell. Most of the packages are affordable. Each plan comes with different features and is valid for a particular period. Common basic plans run for a month while others for a whole year.

Some plans provide an emergency response by dispatching a team of security personnel during a break-in or other emergencies. Other providers may inform the police on your behalf for fast action. This keeps your home safe when no one is around.

Save Ring Doorbell Videos Without Subscription

Smartphones come with a screen record function on the phone by default, or an application can be downloaded to enable screen recording. This feature can be used to record live Ring doorbell camera videos on the phone without having a subscription.

The recorded file can then be saved on either internal or external storage of your device. As a result, sound and other key features from the stream are captured and stored safely for future reference when the need arises. In addition, you can purchase large storage memory cards to store more videos over time.


Ring doorbell videos are very convenient for keeping your home safe. They are also cheap and easy to use. No technician is needed to install them, and there is no need to rewire your house if the previous system fails to function. Note that most companies will require you to subscribe to their plans to be able to save videos on their cloud space.


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