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Installing a video doorbell onto your home will likely be one of the best choices you make. Not only is it convenient but it also acts as an additional layer of protection against potential thieves or ill-intentioned people.

Over the years, the company Ring has had some slight blows to its reputation. However, the brand managed to come back from all of these setbacks to be a go-to name for video doorbells.

There is absolutely a good reason for this.

All Ring’s products are easy to use, modern looking, and packed full of features. Why wouldn’t you want one?

Well, there is one apprehension — they have so many products! 

Right off the bat, this might not seem like a bad thing. However, it can become rather overwhelming. So, we thought we’d make your life a lot easier by comparing the [amazon link=”B0849J7W5X” title=”Ring 3″] and the [amazon link=”B08SSCZSP2″ title=”Ring Pro”]. We’ll talk about everything from the design to the installation to the price to the features.

Let’s jump right in!

Ring 3 VS Ring Pro: How Do The Specs Compare?

Okay, you’ve got the low down of each model under your belt. But, before we move into our in-depth look at the design, features, and setup, let’s take a look at the specifications. This will ensure you have a better understanding of the inner workings of each model.

[amazon table=”313″]

From a quick glance at this table, you might have already made up your mind. However, we encourage you to read on. The on-paper specs don’t always live up to their assumed expectations!

The Design

As a company, Ring loves aesthetics. The doorbells (and the company’s other products for that matter) are always sleek and streamlined. It’s safe to say that either of these models will only add to your home’s exterior look.

With all that being said, drawing attention to a fancy gadget on the outside of your house isn’t always the best thing to do. We’d recommend keeping that in mind as we consult the dimensions.

Ring 3’s Aesthetics

The Ring Doorbell 3 is 5.1 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide, and 1.1 inches thick. Considering this model is battery powered, that’s not too bad!

It comes in either a Venetian bronze or satin nickel finish, so you can match it to the exterior of your home. Plus, you can opt for improved mounting screws, extra corner pieces, and more wedges too which allows you to angle the camera correctly.

Ring Pro’s Aesthetics

The Ring Pro is a tad smaller in every sense. It is 4.5 inches tall, 1.85 inches wide, and a mere 0.8 inches thick. As you can tell, it’s sleeker than its aforementioned cousin which is useful if you don’t have much mounting space.

You also get to choose from a whopping four finishes so you can truly customize your exterior. These are as follows:

  • Satin nickel
  • Venetian bronze
  • Black
  • Pearl

If you have previously installed the first-gen Ring doorbell, you’ll love the fact that the Ring Pro comes with a retro mounting kit. In other words, you’ll simply be able to take off the existing bracket and use the same holes for your new doorbell. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Winner: Ring Pro

All things considered, we think that the Ring Pro wins the design round thanks to its number of faceplate options and slightly smaller construction.

Which Is Easier to Set Up?

The set-up and installation process is arguably the biggest factor that sets the two of these models apart. One is decidedly easier than the other. Let’s see which one wins, shall we?

Ring 3’s Setup and Installation

This doorbell has the easiest setup. It is battery-powered, so it’s just a case of installing the bracket onto the exterior wall of your home and turning it on. No faffing around with wires or employing the help of your friends!

Moreover, the Ring 3 is the first battery-powered video doorbell to include technologically-advanced motion detection software, customizable privacy zones, and adjustable motion zones.

This customization drastically reduces the number of unwarranted notifications you receive, especially if the camera will likely pick up cars driving past or trees waving in the breeze.

The downside here is that you will have to remember to charge the battery on occasion. 

Ring Pro’s Setup and Installation

The Ring Pro is the tricky one here. It has to be wired directly into your home for it to work. In this regard, it is more akin to a bog-standard doorbell.

The extra effort you have to put in setup and install this Pro model has paid off in the past. Why? Because battery-powered doorbells didn’t have the privacy or motion zones setting.

However, the Ring 3 does have these capabilities, making the easy setup preferable to many people.

Winner: Ring 3

In our opinion, the Ring 3 wins this round (despite having to charge the battery occasionally) thanks to its no-fuss, no-headaches installation.

How Does The Audio and Video Compare?

Recently, Ring upgraded all the video doorbells to include a camera with a resolution of 1080p. This means that, regardless of the model you purchase, you will be able to spot the features of anybody who comes into view.

In fact, the camera’s field of vision on both of these doorbells is identical. Each one comes with a 160 degrees view horizontally and a vertical view of 90 degrees.

It’s wonderfully wide, but, we would really appreciate a larger vertical field of vision. Sadly, you can’t see whether packages have been left at your door while you’re away.

Ring 3’s Video and Audio Quality

While there aren’t many differences between the two, there is one thing to keep in mind with the Ring 3. If the battery is low, you’ll find that there is a significant lag on the video or a poorer resolution sent to your phone instead of the standard 1080p HD.

As far as the audio goes, it is almost identical to the Ring Pro.

Ring Pro’s Video and Audio Quality

The Ring Pro is hard-wired into your house so you won’t have to deal with any annoying video lags or lower resolution.

Although, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t have any SD card storage (FYI: neither does the Ring 3). So, if you are wanting to save all the footage captured by the Pro (it’s always recording remember), then you’ll want to purchase the Protect Plan.

This Plan is $30 per year. It gives you unlimited video and photographs. Plus, it will keep up to 60-day’s worth of footage for you to refer to if needed.

Winner: Ring Pro

It’s hard to pick here since both have comparable video and quality. However, due to the occasional lag and lower resolution video you’ll experience when the Ring 3 is losing battery life, Ring Pro wins this round.

The Features

To tell you the truth, the features in both of these video doorbells are incredibly similar. However, if you look deep enough you can find some slight differences which we’ll discuss here.

Ring 3’s Features

All Ring’s doorbells come with motion detection features. In other words, if it captures movement outside your home, it will send a notification to your compatible smartphone.

However, the Ring 3 sports motion detection zones. With this function, you can pick from pre-drawn areas to ensure you don’t get bombarded with notifications of every car driving past.

Alongside this, you will a 5.0Ghz connection. This ensures that, no matter where you are, you’ll be able to receive high-resolution updates.

Ring Pro’s Features

The motion detection fields on the Ring Pro are more advanced than ever before. Unlike the Ring 3 where you have to select from pre-drawn areas, the Pro allows you to draw them yourself. This gives it a whole new level of customization.

This model also features a pre-roll feature. This allows you to more clearly see the person approaching your door. Basically, the Ring Pro is always recording a 4-second loop. So, if motion is detected, the 4 seconds prior will be added to the beginning of the video!

Both of these doorbells come with two-way communication that allows you to talk to everyone who comes to your door. Not to mention that they both work with Alexa (although the quality is sometimes poor.

Winner: Ring Pro

The Ring Pro doorbell wins this round hands down. You just can’t top all the features and the quality at which they are delivered.

Let’s Talk About the Price

The [amazon link=”B0849J7W5X” title=”Ring Video Doorbell 3″] sits at a retail price of [amazon fields=”B0849J7W5X” value=”price”]. [amazon link=”B08SSCZSP2″ title=”The Ring Video Doorbell Pro”], on the other hand, tends to go for around [amazon fields=”B08SSCZSP2″ value=”price”].

If we were to look at this from a purely money-based perspective, we would opt for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 every time. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. However, this model does pack a lot of punch and some pretty cool features into a cheaper package.

Aside from the advanced pre-roll technology, the larger construction, and the occasional blips you’ll experience, the Ring 3 is the best value for money.

The Pros and Cons

We have covered a lot of information about the two video doorbells so far. However, we’ve always found a good pros and cons list to be the “decider” for many people. After all, this wouldn’t be much of a comparison if there wasn’t one!

Ring 3: Pros and Cons


  • There is no tricky wiring to contend with.
  • It is a touch more affordable than the Pro.
  • You can set your own privacy zones.
  • The motion zones are adjustable.


  • You will have to remember to charge the battery occasionally. Many people find this to be a pain.
  • There is no pre-roll video.
  • The Google Assistant integration isn’t very good.

Ring Pro: Pros and Cons


  • There is no battery so you won’t have to worry about recharging it.
  • You can set your own privacy zones.
  • It is smaller, which could be more aesthetically pleasing to some.
  • The motion zones are adjustable.
  • You get pre-roll video.


  • It is expensive when compared with the Ring 3.
  • The Google Assistant integration isn’t very good.
  • The wiring has been known to put people off.

Looking for more information on Ring Pro Video Doorbell? Read our detailed review of Ring Pro Doorbell.

Which One Should You Pick?

There is no doubt about it, both the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and the Ring Video Doorbell Pro are outstanding devices. However, we have to pick a winner.

In our minds, the overall champion is the Ring 3.

Don’t get us wrong, the Pro is perfect for those of you who never want to worry about charging the battery and love the idea of the advanced pre-roll feature.

However, we feel that the Ring 3 is the best value for money for the everyday family, couple, or single businessperson. For a cheaper price, you’ll receive a video doorbell that is slightly larger yet houses identical video resolution and audio quality. Not to mention that it’s super easy to set up and you can still customize motion zones to some extent.

Overall, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 has prevailed today. We just can’t get over the phenomenal features for such a (comparatively) low price!


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