Video Doorbell vs Security Camera

Which is the best bet for your home security?

If you’re looking for most effective options to make your home as safe and secure as it can be, then you’ve probably considered, or at least thought about, investing in either a video doorbell, or a security camera.

The problem is both options have value, and both offer great security benefits, but the choice in the end is down to the consumer. So how exactly do you choose? How do decide which option is the right one for you?

Well, there’s plenty of information available online to help you make that final choice, but often the information has a tendency to be either too technical or too sketchy.

Some articles assume that the readers have enough technical expertise to understand every little intricacy and nuance, whilst others offer advice so generic that it doesn’t help at all. The following article will tread that fine line and offer information that is both useful and reasonably comprehensive.

Video doorbells and home security cameras offer many of the same benefits. Both will show you what is going on outside of your home, both offer motion detection and motion-triggered recording, and in most cases, both will let you use two way audio to speak to whoever is outside.

Yet, security cameras do not have a doorbell component.

Why is that important?

Well, if you’re downstairs doing something and your phone is upstairs, a security camera won’t tell you that someone is at the door, but the video doorbell, when pressed, will.

What’s more, unless they are battery powered, outdoor security cameras need a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet for power, which may limit potential mounting locations. Wired smart doorbells use existing low-voltage wiring and are fairly easy to install.

Video Doorbell



The greatest advantage of a video doorbell is its ease of use. They’re easy to install and very easy to use. Video doorbells run independently of other equipment and have an intuitive user interface, as a result they’re simple to operate and maintain.

Systems like the Ring Video Doorbell definitely have these advantages. Designed to be used by the average consumer they are not overly complicated and tend to have a more intuitive user interface. What’s more, because the device is less complicated and runs independently, the operation and maintenance is generally less complex or onerous. 


Video doorbells as you might expect are much less expensive than a complete home security system. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install and, most importantly of all, only one device needs to be bought and installed the start-up costs are less. If you want to protect your home but would prefer an unobtrusive approach and are happy with minimal coverage, then video doorbells are perfect.


If you prefer your security arrangements to be subtle and low key, then video doorbells are ideal. Intruders and would-be burglars won’t always know their movements are being recorded and monitored as there is no outward sign to signal this: just an ordinary and unobtrusive doorbell.

Wide-Angle Lens

The wide-angle lens maximizes the area covered by the single camera. This wide field of view allows you to see people approaching your property from varying angles and, importantly, keeps them in view of the camera. Increased coverage means videos can let you identify individuals and motion as someone gets nearby.

Motion Detection Recording

The doorbell camera will start broadcasting images and video footage in response to motion sensing, as well as turning on when someone rings the bell.


Limited Application

Because the video doorbell is simply a doorbell camera, it has a very limited application.

It is designed for one specific application and its general location and field of view fixed. It is designed principally so that you can see who is approaching your property, but its abilities other than that are limited. it will help you spot the opportunists who want to steal a package on your doorstep, but it won’t deter hardened burglars who will find other ways to illegally enter your home.

Wide angle lens distortion

The wide-angle lens on the video camera is sharp and will enable the camera to capture great detail, however, because of its short barrel and wide-angle design it will also distort images, particularly images taken close up. Still, the level of detail gathered in close-up images will still allow you to identify individual faces.

Security Cameras


More comprehensive coverage

A complete wireless security camera system can provide coverage inside and outside your home. Multiple cameras can be installed and connected so you get more coverage around your property. You can also install cameras inside your property for further protection.   


Security cameras can be tailored to your needs and the design of the property for optimal operation.

Security cameras can be placed and positioned anywhere outside the property. Allowing you to check specific areas of the property that you feel are exposed or vulnerable. There are also housings and mounts available to help protect them from the elements

Better quality imaging

A surveillance camera system generally offers higher resolution images and improved IR capabilities, although price is a factor here. The footage captured by a wireless CCTV camera is generally more useful and usable.

Greater data storage

Security cameras generally have greater data storage capabilities which means you can capture and store video footage from multiple cameras.

This not only maximizes the benefits you can get from the technology, but also provide more comprehensive security coverage of your property.


Risk Some Personal Privacy

If you value personal privacy, then you may find you have a problem with a CCTV system.

Surveillance cameras are always on and always watching. You get 24-hour round-the-clock protection against burglars and intruders, but they’ll also be watching you and your family round the clock. If this surveillance bothers you, then a security camera is not the right choice for you.

Complex System

Security cameras are complex pieces of kit, and that complexity means they are generally more expensive to install. It is possible to self-install a CCTV system, but it is not an endeavour for the faint hearted.

Of course, that complexity also means that a CCTV system is also helpful as security cameras are also capable of integrating with smartphones and other mobile devices.

Higher Price Tag

Complete systems are more expensive than other consumer home security equipment. A basic start-up system may be more affordable. If you want to make sure your home has the best and most comprehensive high-end security camera coverage, then you’ll have to pay a considerable sum for the privilege.


It’s impossible to answer the should I buy a video doorbell or a security camera question comprehensively.

Both have their advantages and proponents as well as their disadvantages and detractors.

Video doorbells will undoubtedly give you peace of mind if you’re looking for minimal and unobtrusive security.

But, if you want comprehensive coverage and round-the-clock surveillance at your home, then security cameras are the best choice for you.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your budget. If you’re working with minimal security budget, then video doorbells are your best bet. If money is not an object, then security cameras are a better choice.


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