Home Security: What Do Burglars Take?

Part of keeping your home secure is taking the necessary precautions to make your property less of a target to to thieves. There are several things in and around your home that can make your house look like a giant piece of candy to some criminals. 

We’ve uncovered the things that burglars are most drawn to, what can make your house a target, and even some simple steps you can take improve the security of your home. They say an ounce of prevention, well read on to learn about a few ounces of options.

What are the most common things stolen during break ins? The simple answer to this question anything about you and just because you may not think something is valuable doesn’t mean somebody else does the truth though is that there are things that burglars pay special attention to when scoping out a potential target.

The Top 5 Things Burglars Look for Are:

  1. Cash
  2. Jewelry
  3. Electronics
  4. Weapons
  5. Tools

Are you ready to take the power out of the hands of the criminals? Now you can get your very own ounce (or more) of prevention… read on for a look inside the criminal mind.

The Items Burglars Are Most Likely to Take

We meant it when we said that thieves will take anything that they think might have some value. One only must peruse the local swap pages to discover that people are willing to buy or sell just about anything. 

Why though are some things a bigger target? The most likely reason is that these things are not only valuable but can usually be quickly and easily sold. Of course, some of these are going to make complete sense, but others, not so much. Let’s start by a quick review of the top 5…

Items Burglars Are Most Likely to Take


Always a target for any type of criminal activity. Oddly enough cash is one of the most commonly items in break ins. Who keeps cash laying around these days? The truth is that many people do keep a relatively small emergency cash store in their home somewhere. Burglars are like bloodhounds; they can smell it.


Jewelry is another hot item for theft. The type of jewelry really does not matter. Although there are going to be some burglars that have a better eye for quality jewelry, most will not take the time to examine, rather grab and go.


In this technology age, electronics is going to be a high priority for any thief. Electronics can be quickly sold for some fast cash. 


Another hot ticket item is any type of weapon. This includes knives, guns, bows, and arrows. It is often reported that even imitation or toy weapons have been taken. This also includes decorative knives, as they cannot often tell quickly how real something maybe.


Tools make this list but are not often burglarized from the interior of the home, but rather a garage. We’ll get into that in a bit. Tools are like shiny pennies to a burglar. Tools retain their value better than many other things, making even older tools valuable. Toolboxes specifically are a huge target, especially smaller brand name toolboxes.

Credit Cards

Just pushed out of the top five, credit cards are a target for some thieves. Strange that some will stop at identity theft, but anything is possible. That does not mean you should tempt fate, credit cards are just stolen less often from homes than other things on the list, most likely because people carry them on them.

Where Do They Look

Now that we know what they are looking for, how about take a peek at where they look.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is often reported as the primary target in any burglary. Master bedroom is the most likely location for home safes, jewelry, cash, and weapons. 

Teen Rooms

The next targets are usually teen rooms. This is due to the higher probability of some type of electronics, from phones, tablets, computers, and game systems, kids of all age have electronics. However, as they grow up, so does the cost of their electronics.

Game Rooms

Like teen rooms, game rooms are targeted for electronics. They are also the most likely place for collections to be displayed, making a quick run through a game room is going to be on every burglar’s game plan.

Everywhere Else

Finally, we did not want you to think that just because a room was not on this list meant it was automatically safe. Burglaries are one of the longest crimes. Since they occur when a home is vacant unless an alarm is triggered many burglars will search an entire home, maybe more than once to make sure they have left nothing of value behind.

What Makes A Home A Good Target for Burglars?

Knowing what makes a property a target for burglary can help you make your home a little less of a target by taking just a few extra steps in your home security.

Predictably Empty

What we mean by predictable is that you and your family have a regular schedule that can be determined easily by watching your home for a few days. Most burglaries take place in the middle of the day. That means that homeowners are probably at work, any kids are probably in school, leaving the house empty for around 8 hours or more every weekday.

Unlocked Windows and Doors

It is amazing how many burglaries occur because someone left windows or doors unlocked. Sure, we would all love to go back to a time when you could leave your front door open, but in today’s world, it is literally an open invitation to the criminal element.

Excess Mail

Mail can pile up quickly, in some cases as little as just a couple of days, thanks to all the junk mail. What that signals to a burglar is absence. Whether you are gone for a few days to see family or friends or even on vacation, letting your mail pile up is a sure sign your house is probably empty.

Accessibility to Secondary Entrances

We like to assume that places that are not as easy to get to will just be avoided. Unfortunately, most burglars are crafty and can get into the craziest places. Just because your back door is behind a locked fence does not mean it isn’t a target.

Window Air Conditioners

Many people are surprised to learn that window air conditioners make a house an attractive target. These units can be removed surprisingly easily just by pushing them into the room. This allows easy access for a burglar. In some cases, the air conditioner is replaced in the window, making it appear as if nothing happened, giving the burglar more time in the home.

Visible Valuables

Try this, look around your room, can you see anything that we mentioned above from where you are? Guess what, if it is out and visible to you, then more than likely it can be viewed through a door or window. 

Secluded Locations

Many people dream of the perfect home set back from the road, far enough from the neighbors to sound like the country. Well, so do burglars. A secluded home means no nosy neighbors, and bonus if there is little or no security system.

Open Garage Door

An open garage door can signal to burglars a couple of things. First, they can get a look at any potential loot they may want. They may also consider a trial run and take a closer look. An open garage may also be the landing place of things that signal money or valuables inside. Such as a large box for a TV that has yet to make it to the curb, delivery boxes used as storage, or even the type of car you drive.

No Security

Thieves are constantly getting better at spotting home security systems. That also means they can spot when one is not there. No home security system of any kind does not signal there is nothing of value inside. At least not to a burglar.

How to Protect Your Home from Burglaries?

In addition to eliminating what you can from the items above that may make you a target, there are a few other things that you may want to consider to keep your home safe from burglary

Use What You Have

You have locks on your doors, use them. Locks on your windows, use them too. The big thing is to get out of the mentality that it won’t happen to you.

Upgraded Locks

Something as simple as upgrading your locks can be like a flag to a burglar that you are taking steps to protect your home, which automatically makes you a less attractive target.

Video Doorbell

The hottest trend in smart home automation may just be the key to home protection. Video alarms, especially the ones that not only record but have two-way communication options from anywhere are great at reducing your chance of being burglarized. Most burglars admit to knocking to see if anyone is home before breaking in. These systems give them no way to know you are not inside your home when you answer. 

Home Security Systems

This may seem obvious, but a home security system will deter most burglars from attempting to break into a home. Advances in technology have brought the cost of home security systems down to where most homes can afford decent alarm systems or security cameras, they just have to want it.

Get a Dog

Dogs are often a reason for a home to be left alone, according to criminals that have been interviewed. Nearly everyone states that they will avoid a home if they hear or see a dog, no matter how small or large the dog may be. Remember they want to avoid being caught, and a barking dog, especially one that does not bark all the time, can be just as effective as an alarm in many neighborhoods. 

Don’t Be a Victim

We know that there are a ton of this to think about when it comes to protecting your house. The alternative is to get caught unprepared. You can no longer put off taking the necessary steps to secure your property and protect your family. No one comes through a burglary unscathed. While the items may be replaceable, feelings of being violated and unsafe in your own home can last for a very long time. Don’t Be a Victim by default, protect your home today!


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