Can a Burglar Get Through a Dogflap?

Can a Burglar Get Through a Dogflap -

Let’s think about the size of dog families and individuals have. Dogs range from 5 pounds to well over 100 pounds. Now think about the size of doggie door a 100-pound dog would need to get in and out of the house. I know what you are thinking right now, massive! That is right, absolutely massive. Now think about the size of a human being that can squeeze through a doggie door that size. There are plenty of homes with doggie doors for large dogs. 

With that said, can burglars get through dog flaps? Yes, it is 100% absolutely possible for burglars to get through dog flaps.

Now, there are precautions you can take to prevent being victimized by a person willing to crawl through a doggie door (or at least try to crawl through a doggie door) to break into your home. In this article, we will discuss how you can secure your doggie door from burglars and other solutions for manual doggie doors.

How to Secure the Doggie Door

Again, if your large dog can get through the doggie door most burglars will at least attempt to get into your home in some fashion. You must at least have some deterrent to get them to move on. Below are some ways you can deter them.

Lock and Key Approach

There are several doggie doors with locking mechanisms. By locking mechanism, I mean that the doggie door actually locks in some form. Some doggie doors lock either at the bottom when it is closed or after a sliding door or cover is inserted.

Whatever option you choose, you want to ensure that it is sturdy, durable, and designed in such a manner that a burglar cannot get in. For example, the door should use steel, be bolted into the wall or door, and use hinges that cannot be broken, with a code feature that cannot be guessed. 

Your combination code could be a 4-digit combination that would take thousands of combinations guesses to guess right. You might also consider having a cover that hides the hinges so that burglars cannot break or disassemble your doggie door.

Technologically Secure Door

A technologically secure doggie door is a door that automatically opens and closes based on a unique identifier that your dog wears on his or her collar. One of the benefits of these doggie doors is that it keeps out unwelcome animals and burglars because it will only open for your pet, as they have the collar on. Most of these are designed with plastic doors that cannot be broken that slide up and door.

They are also designed with excellent weather protection features and some of them are smart home compatible. Some have camera availability and LED light integration.

Utilize Security Cameras in the Front and Back Yard

You can always set up a doorbell camera in your front porch area and cameras in your backyard to keep an eye on your property and dogs. Ensure that your cameras have motion sensors to allow notifications so that every time your dog goes in and out of the doggie door in the back yard you will be notified. This means a notification will also be sent if someone was to approach that area that was unwanted.

Remove the Doogie Door

The ultimate deterrent of burglars is to completely remove the doggie door. Of course, this puts more burden on you as you now have to be the doggie door for your dogs, but ultimately you are more secure and no longer have to worry about anyone trying to break in through the doggie door.

Secure Doggie Doors

If you are in the market for a secure, burglar-proof doggie door there are several good options. In this section, we will go over a few that are available and why they might be a good fit for you and your home.

Wagz Go Smart Automatic Dog Door

The Wagz Go Smart Automatic Dog Door is incredibly neat because you can watch your dog come in and out of the house utilizing the HD camera on the doggie door. You also have the capability of setting up schedules for when the doggie door can and will open setting up fixed schedules for your pets. However, the doggie door will only open for your pets because they will be wearing unique ID tags on their smart collars.

Why is the Wagz Go Smart Automatic Dog Door one of the best?

  • Ability to manage multiple dogs
  • Customize schedules for your dog on mobile application
  • Doggie door LED motion light
  • Motion activated HD video
  • Smart home integration

The Wagz Go Smart Automatic Dog Door is extremely capable and versatile. For users that want smart home integration, I highly suggest it. 

Watchdog Security Pet Door – Locking Cover

The Watchdog Security Pet Door functions like a normal doggie door, except when you are on vacation, a long business trip, or want to secure it at night, you simply close it and lock it with the reinforced steel combination lock. You bolt the Lock Pet Door Cover outside around your doggie door. This installation places a 12-gauge piece of metal over your doggie door with a combination lock that cannot be broken by burglars.

Benefits of installing the Watchdog Security Pet Door:

  • 12-gauge steel door covering your doggie door
  • The combination lock is set by you and can only be opened by you
  • No other way to open the steel cover other than using the code

Installation is simple, the 12-gauge steel is waterproof, and you have a selection of colors to choose from to match your home.

Hale Pet Doors for Walls – Secure in Wall Mount Dog Door

The Hale Pet Door for Walls is specifically designed to be installed into your wall. It can be installed into any type of that is between 2 and 10 inches thick (there is an oversized option available). Each pet door is installed with carper to prevent the tunnel from getting too hot or too cold for your dog. It also helps to wipe your dogs’ paws as he or she comes in from outside. Also, note that a rain cap is mounted on the outside to capture any rain so that it does not get into the tunnel.

Why is the Hale Pet Door an excellent security door?

  • It is secure and durable aluminum steel reinforced corners with PVC vinyl dog flaps
  • Comes included with a shock, impact, and fire-resistant King Starboard Polymer security cover to help keep burglars and other animals out
  • Secured with a steel pin lock attached to the frame

The Hale Pet Door for Walls is one of the best wall dog doors. You also have several frame colors to match our interior wall colors.

Power Pet Door

The Power Pet Door is one of the best electronic pet doors. Your dog wears a collar with a small 110-volt AC adapter in it that automatically activates the doggie door upon close range and closes once your dog is out of range of the doggie door. When I say close range, I mean within a couple of inches of the doggie. The door knows that your dog is trying to come in or outside.

You have the option to purchase a water-resistant or waterproof collar as well. You can also get rechargeable batteries for your collar and a charging kit.

Benefits of purchasing the Power Pet Door:

  • Wall or door compatible
  • Uses Lexan plastic door paneling as opposing to a screen
  • Air-tight seal preventing you from wind, rain, and weather
  • Includes a directional sensor system
  • Pet activated only
  • Motorized operation using a small dc motor
  • Dual range controls
  • Keeps out other animals
  • Increases home security with a steel deadbolt lock and bulletproof door panel

As far as electronic doggie doors are concerned this is one of the best available.

Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door

The Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door is a very nice and durable doggie door with an excellent security door. It is extremely environmentally friendly and adjustable for training new dogs to doggie doors. It comes with a very nice aluminum locking cover to close off access to any other animals and intruders when you are away. The frame is of nice aluminum framing with easy installation.

Benefits of purchasing the Endura Flap Single Door Mount:

  • Three different colors
  • Energy efficient (double flap available)
  • Adjustable magnet strength on the flap 
  • Installs into solid, metal, or hollow doors (as well as storm doors)
  • Includes security locking cover
  • Wind resistant
  • Durable

As far as general doggie door installations, you cannot get much better than the Endura Flap Single Flap Door Mount Pet Door.


The best thing you can do to prevent a burglar from picking your house as rich pickings is to not only utilize one of the before-mentioned deterrent doggie door options but also protect your house. If you install a secure doggie door and also protect your house it is highly unlikely you will be the next target. Take time to asses your house and see where you might need to secure some weaknesses.

Some suggestions would be:

It only takes a little bit of work to protect your home and your family. Take the time to do this and ensure you all are safe.


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