Can a Ring Doorbell Have Multiple Users?

Can a Ring Doorbell Have Multiple Users

The short answer to this question is yes. You can have many users on a single Ring Video Doorbell. You can also connect a Ring Video Doorbell to more than one phone at a time, but that is a more convoluted process. You can only do so if the multiple phones share the same username and passwords. So, the simplest way to let more than one person use a Ring Video Doorbell is to use the sharing option on App. The principal advantage of this is you do not have to share your password with other people, and the fewer people you share passwords with the better.  

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How do you connect Ring Doorbell to multiple phones and how do you use the secured ‘Sharing’ Option on App?

If you want to allow other family members or trusted friends access to your Ring Doorbell, you can do so with one click. First, you’ll need to download the Ring App on your smartphone.

After installing it, click on the Ring button on the right-hand corner of the App screen. Next click on the option marked ‘Shared Users’ then click on ‘Add’. You’ll need to add the email of the person you want to share Ring access to, and then click OK. Once done the name of the person you’ve shared access with will show as ‘pending invite’.

The invitee will receive an email containing a link to gain access to the shared Ring account. Click on the invite and you are directed to a new screen where you are asked to create a new Ring account using your existing email ID.

After completing this they will need to click the ‘next’ button to create the account. The new user will then need to install the Ring App and click the ‘Login’ option to verify and create the account with the referred credentials.

They will then have shared access to most features available with the Ring Video Doorbell. Using rhw shared user feature they will be able to view all the activities available with Ring, but they will not be able to delete any videos. 

Quick guide to adding shared users on Ring Doorbell

To add someone as a shared user of Ring Video Doorbell:

  1. Tap on the three lines at the top left on the Dashboard screen
  2. Tap Devices 
  3. Tap on the device that you want to add a Shared User
  4. Tap Shared User (you might have to scroll to see it)
  5. Enter the email address of the person you want to add as a Shared User
  6. Tap Add User
  7. Tap Send Invite

What information can shared users access on the Ring Video Doorbell?

Shared Ring users can:

  • Receive alerts and answer the doorbell or motion sensors
  • View recorded videos
  • Turn On and Off alerts on any devices they are using
  • Use Ring Plus features and functions
  • Save videos to their devices
  • Respond to alerts and join in 3-way calls
  • Watch Live view 
  • Listen to two-way audio
  • View event history
  • View and share stored videos on the Ring app
  • Store videos on a smartphone or tablet
  • Control the Ring Base Station

What features can shared users not access?

Shared Ring users are not able to:

  • Delete videos
  • Add additional shared users
  • Change the device name
  • Change the settings for the motion sensors
  • Delete devices

Can you log in to Ring with a single account using the same credentials, or is it better to is shared user profiles?

In theory the answer to that question is yes, you can.  depends on the degree of trust you have in the other person accessing that single account.

You can log into the Ring App through multiple devices at the same time. 

Every device will have the same access to the account as the named account holder.

How does it work?

Well, in similar ways to an Amazon Prime account. You can log onto an Amazon Prime account using the same credentials on different devices and be able to gain full access to the account on each one.

How could sharing access to a single Ring account create problems?

Well, if you share the details with people you trust, it won’t. However, if you are unsure about the reliability or trustworthiness of the person you’re considering sharing access with, then it is better to use the shared/multiple user option.

Users logging into a single Ring account with shared credentials will be able to delete videos and change settings.

Moreover, if you are sharing other devices through shared credentials, they will be able to access those devices too. It’s worth remembering that the Ring Video Doorbell, unlike the Ring Alarm system, does not require a PIN. So, it pays to be cautious. 

What other devices will work with the Ring Video Doorbell?

The Ring Video Doorbell will work with smartphones as you would expect. Being able to connect with a portable device is critical as you can’t always be at home to monitor who’s coming and going at your property. The Ring Video Doorbell, however, also connects to several other devices, and it’s that versatility that makes it such a good device.

What devices work with ring Doorbell and App?

Connecting to a device like a smartphone, which is portable, is always a good option. However, there are many other devices that can be connected to Ring Doorbell.


You can connect any phone to the Ring Video Doorbell if it can download the Ring App. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Windows, Android, or Apple phone. If it can access and download the Ring App it can be connected. The same applies if all the multiple users who wish to connect to the Ring Video Doorbell are using different operating systems. If you all have access to the Ring App you can share with one another.  


Tablets, like phones, can use the Ring Video Doorbell if they can access the Ring App. It doesn’t matter which operating system the tablet works on. The advantage of using the Ring Doorbell with a tablet is obvious. You have a bigger screen, so viewing video footage will be much easier. However, older, and less well-specified tablets might not have a microphone. That is problematic when you want to listen to audio as well and view the video. If you don’t want to have to spend extra money on a new tablet you can always watch video footage on the tablet and listen to audio on your smartphone.

Smart TVs

Unfortunately, not all Smart TVs will connect with Ring Video Doorbell. That said, any Smart TV which can download the Ring App can be connected. Newer Amazon Fire TVs will connect with the Ring Video Doorbell, but older versions will not. Android Smart TVs can be connected to the Ring Doorbell, but they will have to be connected through Chromecast. Samsung Smart TVs are the only TVs compatible with the Ring Doorbell Pro. 


Alexa can connect with the Ring Doorbell, but there is no video capability as there is with Eco and Eco Dot. The Ring Video Doorbell, however, is compatible with Alexa Show, Alexa Spot and Alexa Smart TV. Setting up the connection is easy.

Log on to the Amazon Alexa App and select the ‘Ring Video Doorbell’ option. Once the connection is enabled, Alexa will look for other devices and will find all the other Ring-compatible devices. If you encounter problems with automatic set up, you can activate it manually. Access the Home Screen of the Ring App and click on ‘Smart Home’. Click on ‘Add Device’ and select the device when you see it. Activate Alexa by asking it to open your device, and it will show you the live feed from the Ring Video Doorbell. 

Google Home and Assistant

The Google Home functionality was only recently added for the Ring Doorbell.  Set-up is like Alexa and most Smart TVs. Click on the Google Home App and then click on the ‘+’icon. Select Ring Doorbell from the list of devices shown, then follow the instructions to pair the Ring device with Google Home.

The last thing you be asked for is approval for Google Home to access the Ring Doorbell. Select ‘allow’ then instruct Google Home to carry out whatever tasks you would like it to do with the Ring Doorbell. Setting up Ring Doorbell with Google Home has proved to be tricky for some, but Google has been working with Ring and Nest on solutions. With luck any teething problems should be sorted out soon. 

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Which other devices can you use with Ring?

The Ring Video Doorbell can be connected to existing doorbell chimes and can also be used with other devices.  Ring works with IFTTT, so the Ring Doorbell will let you connect many other Smart Home devices by creating Applets.

If you do not have IFTTT, you can download it free from the App store. After downloading create your free account and choose the Applet from the drop-down list. If you struggle to find your device, try searching for Ring, then choose the Ring Video Doorbell from the drop-down list. Click the ‘connect’ option and you will be directed to the Ring login page. Log in to your account and IFTTT will do the rest and connect you automatically.

A Ring Video Doorbell can also work with other Smart devices like Smart Locks, such as those from Kisi, LockState, Lockitron, and Kevo. These Smart locks can provide greater security to your front doors.


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