Does Ring Doorbell Record Video

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One great feature of the Ring doorbells is their video recording capability. With their high-quality video resolution, these doorbells readily offer a high level of security by allowing you to view the live footage of the front door in addition to recording and saving these instances based on an economic plan.

Does It Record 24/7?

Ring had announced plans to introduce a 24/7 recording feature in October 2018. The idea was that users who had subscribed to the Protect Plan would be charged extra fees to avail of the 24/7 video recording option. But it couldn’t happen due to the non-compatibility of battery-powered Ring devices with this feature.

The problem is that a battery-powered Ring doorbell model cannot support this feature because 24/7 video recording would obviously consume a lot more power than just live videos and motion detection. However, if a Ring Doorbell Pro, Stick-up Cam Plug-in, or a Ring Doorbell 1/2/3 was hardwired, the chances of releasing this feature increased.

They are still working on it, so we are hoping that this often-requested feature will be introduced soon in the coming future.

What Features Does Ring Doorbell Offer?

All of the models of Ring’s doorbells 1-4, 3 Plus, Wired, Pro ½ and, Elite record videos in a similar way as described below.

Live Video

Upon logging in to the Ring app via your smartphone or laptop, you can access the video recording of your Ring doorbell. It is later saved into your Ring account if you pay the monthly charges of $3 for one Ring device or $10 for all of them.

Motion Detection

The Ring device starts video recording as soon as a motion is detected. The recording is saved to your Ring cloud if you have subscribed to a Ring Protect plan. Otherwise, you will receive a motion detection notification to see the footage through the Live View option.

Doorbell Press

All Ring doorbells start video recording when pressing the doorbell. You might assume that the recording starts when the motion is detected, but if that fails, you will still have the recordings from when the doorbell was pressed.

Ring Doorbell Video Recording Length

If you want to record a long video of what activities occur at your door, several Ring doorbell models let you change the recording length through the Ring App. There are multiple video recording lengths ranging from 15 seconds to 120 seconds.

Person stealing delivery package from porch steps,

How To Adjust The Recording Length?

If you would like to change how long your Ring doorbell records for, then simply follow these easy steps given below to increase the video recording length of your device.

  • Step 1: Launch the Ring app and on the top left of your dashboard, click the three-lined figure.
  • Step 2: Go to Devices and select the device you want to change the recording timing for.
  • Step 3: Click on Device Settings.
  • Step 4: Press Video Recording Length.
  • Step 5: Tap on Max Recording Length.
  • Step 6: Select any one option from the list of recording timing.

That’s all there is to it! Now you can ensure that you are capturing all the information you need to feel safe.

Do Paid Protect Plans Offer Longer Recording Timing?

The video recording length remains the same whether you choose a basic plan or a protection plan from Ring. The benefit of subscribing to the plus version of the plan is the premium video monitoring features in emergencies and other non-recording related benefits.

Does Ring Doorbell Save Without Your Subscribing To A Protect Plan?

If you are not paying for the monthly Protect Plan for your device, you will still be able to view the live footage. But unfortunately, these videos will not be saved to your Ring cloud account. You are not allowed to save anything until you choose a payment plan. Once you do that, you can store all your video recordings and interactions for the next 60 days.

Advantages Of Subscribing To A Protect Plan

Subscribing to a Protect Plan for your Ring doorbell not only lets you save your live footage or motion capture interactions and access them later but also allows you to share them with other people. As these doorbells are becoming popular, all the users in a single community or multiple communities can share the daily occurrences at their places.

Final Thoughts

So does Ring Doorbell record video to keep your home or business safe at all times? The simple answer is yes, it does record video, but you need to pay an additional amount for the service. Above, we have taken a look at the important details and advantages of the video recording feature offered by Ring doorbells.

It would be best to decide which plan suits your needs based on your preferences and budget. We wish you a fully protected home or business with the versatility of a Ring doorbell. Stay safe!


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